Not only is Mary Kempcke a great oncology nurse for Oncology Associates, she knows first-hand
what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer and then to go through the various treatments. Mary
recalls how she was completely caught by surprise when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cancer didn’t run in her family, she was quite young and she was healthy. How could she have

In this new patient video, Mary remembers the shock of her initial cancer diagnosis. She also
recalls how difficult it was for her to get through her chemotherapy treatments and how she just
about wanted to stop doing them. And she remembers how strange it was for her once she’d finally been cleared of cancer and was finished with all of her cancer treatments. At that point, Mary wasn’t sure what to do, especially since she’d been concentrating on fighting her cancer for months.

Throughout her personal journey with breast cancer, Mary believes that her experience with it made her a better, stronger person, and it also made her a better nurse, as she can better relate to what her patients.

Visit Mary’s page to watch her video and learn more about her experience with breast cancer and how she got through it all.