Support. Love. Compassion. And skilled, personalized cancer treatment. Having a team that you can rely on to fight your cancer with you every step of the way. These cancer patients and survivors talk about the care they receive from the nurses, staff and doctors of Oncology Associates.

Cancer is serious. But the cancer experience can be fun.

The nurses and staff at Oncology Associates make cancer fun. And that makes our patients’ cancer experiences better. There is a lighter side to cancer, which is often found in the chemotherapy room, where cancer patients develop friendships with other patients, sharing jokes, stories, encouragement and celebrations.

In fact, patients at Oncology Associates, as well as staff members, often mention that the chemo room is like a “home away from home”, where everyone becomes an extended family member, helping one another out.

At Oncology Associates, patients will never face cancer alone. Between the staff and the other patients, they have a team there fighting with them to overcome their cancer. There is something to be said about finding strength in numbers. And the patients and staff at Oncology Associates prove that every day.


Thanks from a survivor for reaching the rural communities of Nebraska. Cancer is an equal opportunist and thanks you for going the distance.

Holly Rochelle

They Rock!

Cheryl Stevens

Keep the laughter flowing

Crystal Smith

There are no better nurses and staff than those at Oncology Associates. They are the best!

Lenora Herd

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