We made “Chemo Shop” to show that there really is a lighter side to cancer. Believe it or not, there is, especially in the chemotherapy room, where many cancer patients develop friendships with other patients, sharing jokes, stories, encouragement and anecdotes. In fact, many of the patients actually miss the camaraderie they find in this room after they complete their chemotherapy treatments.

The people in the room, and even the staff, become their extended family.

With a life altering experience like cancer, many patients find that they gain a new perspective on life. They concentrate on living life to the fullest. Visit our cancer stories video page to learn more.

“Patients really had a lot of fun making Chemo Shop”, says oncologist Stephen Lemon MD of Oncology Associates. “We are all a community in cancer treatment to find a cure. From the encouragement and strength of the patients to the staff and doctors, we are all here to help survive and thrive.”

“We are serious, but we have fun too.”

Cast and Crew

Cancer Survivors:
  • Robert Etzel
  • Vicki Dwyer
  • Christine Kathman
  • Angie Heinold
  • Sherlyn Fitl
  • Mindy VonWeihe
  • Karen Ohlmann
  • Jane Frey
  • Faith Stevenson
  • Lyssa Carnazzo
Scooter Riders
  • John Hargiss
  • Mary Thorsteinson
Nurses and Staff
  • Leanne Johnson
  • Debbie Simpkins Thurlby
  • Barb Carlson Gremm
  • Annette Donley
  • Michael Thompson
  • Noah Seaman
  • Elizabeth Martini
  • Mary Kempcke (Cancer Survivor)
  • Mary Sobbing-Helwig
  • Alexx Kendall
  • Katie Schwartz
  • Stephen Lemon
  • Susan Constantino
  • Dan McCoy
  • Doyle Tipler
  • Pat Miles (rapper)
  • Nick Galdeano (singer)
  • Alexx Kendall, Stephen Lemon, Doyle Tipler, Pat Miles, Nick Galdeano, Geoff Klein & Mo Fine.
  • Stephen Lemon
  • Irina Popa
  • Geoff Klein
  • Mo Fine (Cancer Survivor)
Written & Directed
  • Geoff Klein & Mo Fine
Directors of Photography
  • Bill Phillips
  • Mo Fine