When Peggy Cole was first diagnosed for ovarian cancer, it was quite a surprise. She thought she was going in for a fairly routine gall bladder surgery.  Now, after nearly four years of on-again, off-again chemotherapy treatment, Peggy is starting to beat her cancer.

Besides the cancer treatment care she receives from the Oncology Associates cancer outreach clinic in Holdrege, Nebraska, Peggy says that her faith and “keeping a routine” have helped her with her cancer. Peggy continued to work during her initial cancer treatment and she has maintained her love of photography throughout her treatments.

As for her faith,  she says that it helped her reduce the initial shock of her cancer diagnosis and it continues to help her through her chemotherapy treatments.

Throughout her journey with cancer, Peggy has found the experience to be a mixed blessing. “I’ve have met so many wonderful people and have had so many wonderful people care for me,” she says. “You don’t know how many good people are out there, until you really have a need.”

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