We understand the effect cancer has on you, your family and your world. When you come through our doors you’re not just a patient, you’re a person. Serving Omaha, as well as communities throughout Nebraska, Oncology Associates provides personalized cancer treatment with experience and compassion.

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The Oncologists and Staff at Oncology Associates are dedicated to one goal: Providing the highest quality care for our patients throughout Omaha and Nebraska.

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Cancer Survivor Stories

The personal stories from cancer survivors and patients. Some videos may share the experiences or insights of current cancer patients, while other stories may provide inspiration and hope from those who have survived cancer

Living and Thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer

“It’s definitely not a road that I would have chosen for myself, but I guess I’m walking it.”

And if her current life is any indication, she’s walking that road with gusto, bringing along a “just do it” attitude as she goes through her treatment for stage4 metastatic breast cancer.

Turning Cancer Into Something Positive

Cheryl was able to turn her journey with cancer into something positive and not just for herself, but for many other cancer patients.

Though Cheryl is now cancer free, her journey with cancer goes on, as she now continues to come back to the chemo room to share what helped her get through her treatment with current cancer patients.

My Journey with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Keisha shares her journey with cancer; a journey that she says has actually helped her become a stronger, more compassionate person.

Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, Keisha Holloway shares her journey of going through cancer, which has included her cancer going into remission, only to come back again.

Welcome to OA

We believe that to beat cancer, we must treat more than the disease itself. We must treat the whole person by being responsive to how cancer impacts all aspects of their lives.


Because no two cancers are the same, Oncology Associates specializes in personalized cancer care, which includes medical oncology, hematology, genetic risk evaluation, chemotherapy treatment and diagnostic services. In addition, we offer access to many types of cancer clinical trials.


Oncology Associates provides our full range of personalized cancer care at two Omaha clinics as well as at our cancer treatment clinics throughout Nebraska, which include Blair and Norfolk.


We are here to help you at every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our staff providing caring and personalized cancer care or take a look on our website to see patient stories and cancer information videos.


Thanks for the great care you provide You make each and everyone feel special

Betsy P Omaha

Some of My Favorite People

Jenny Reynolds Hare

They saved my life against rough odds

Lynda Molyneaux

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Oncology Associates

Provides world class cancer care to patients in Omaha and throughout Nebraska, with clinic in Blair.