Going through cancer treatment for metastatic breast cancer, Amy Wilmeth talks about the power of her faith and how her cancer has actually helped her focus more on the blessings she has and on the good things that come into her, even during her chemotherapy treatment, such as the birth of her son Asher, her “miracle baby”.

Along her journey with cancer, Amy has encountered many blessings. While she was pregnant, Amy’s began a targeted chemotherapy treatment, which included Herceptin. Baby Asher was born six weeks early due to her amniotic fluid going away from the chemotherapy, but Asher is now a healthy, energetic baby, without any problems associated from the chemotherapy treatments. She also is thankful for the help and support from others and for the opportunity to share her faith with other cancer patients.

In fact, Amy began a blog to document her journey with breast cancer and how her faith has provided her with strength along the way. She believes there is a reason why God brought cancer into her life. Exactly why, she isn’t sure, but she does know that her journey has touched the lives of many others.  Since she started the blog,  she’s had many people, who she didn’t know, come up to her and introduce themselves. “It’s just amazing to go to different places and meet people that I didn’t know who say that they saw me on my blog, that they read it and follow it,” she says.  By chronicling  her experience with cancer, Amy hopes that she can provide encouragement for other cancer patients by showing her continued faith in God throughout her battle with cancer.

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