My Breast Cancer Survivor Story

When breast cancer survivor Barb Rican was first diagnosed with cancer, she remembers asking her husband “what if…”? His response to her was “there’s no what ifs. We’ll get through it.” And from the initial diagnosis to the chemotherapy treatments to the re-diagnosis to the radiation, they have done it together.

“When I was going though chemo, and I’m bald and my face is puffy, he’d say, ‘You’re beautiful,” Barb recalls. Having this support from her husband, as well as from her family and friends was immense, but Barb also realized the inner-strength that came from staying positive.

Staying Positive and Live for the During
Following her diagnosis and going through her chemotherapy treatments, Barb learned to keep things in perspective and to not dwell on the negative or to let her fear get the best of her. “Breathe. Don’t panic, ” she says. “And don’t listen to what happened to your next door neighbor’s aunt Gertie, because every single cancer is different and every treatment is different,” she adds.

And when it’s difficult to stay positive, that’s when the support comes back. “When I would fall apart, as you do sometimes, my husband would say, we’ll get through it, you can make it,” Barb says. And it’s been almost a year since my re-diagnosis and I’ve made it and I’ve had a great year, and I plan on having another great year. And another great year.”

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