Involving Kids During Cancer Treatment

Going through breast cancer treatment is often hard, but as a young mom with kids it can be even more difficult. Brea Nelson shares her experiences of going through breast cancer with her family and what helped them get through it.

At the time she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Brea was only 34 with two kids, ages seven and ten. She and her husband decided from the get-go to have their children involved in Brea’s treatment. “We’ve included them and made them a part of this whole thing. My youngest helps me numb my port up before I come in for treatment. And they always know about my chemotherapy days and ask how my treatment went.”

Brea talks about how she explained what chemotherapy treatment was going to be like to her kids. “We had to tell them that mommy is going to get sick before mommy gets better,” Brea says. The nurses and staff also provided tips for Brea as to how to explain information to her kids. Why she was sick. What her cancer treatment and care were doing for her. Why she had to have treatment and how it would make her better.

Even though she had breast cancer and was going through a difficult time in her life, Brea’s diagnoses opened up a new realization for her. “Cancer makes you realize how lucky you are in life, as it flashes you entire life in front of your face,” she says. “It makes you realize what’s important, what’s not important. What kind of a person you want to be. Not everybody gets a second chance.”