Improving Cancer Awareness Through Video

With over 1.6 million people diagnosed with cancer in the United States every year, the need to provide better cancer awareness and education is becoming increasingly important. Oncology Associates produces informational videos on cancer related topics, including cancer education videos, as well as videos of cancer patients and survivors, who talk about their experiences of going through cancer.

Cancer is often a difficult time for patients and their families, who may want more information and may want to know more about their cancer treatment options.  We find that many of our patients can better educate themselves on various cancer topics when they can go over the information at their own pace at a place where they are more comfortable.  Patients and their families also find that our videos help provide them with information that they can then follow up on with the oncologists and nurses at Oncology Associates.

We’re dedicated to raising cancer awareness and helping to educate people throughout the year on topics regarding cancer. Please take a look at some of the types of videos we offer and click on the links to learn more about specific topics.

Besides finding it helpful to watch videos from the comfort of their homes, many of our patients watch the videos,  such as using portacaths during chemotherapy, while they are at our oncology clinics in Omaha or throughout Nebraska.  The cancer topics vary from chemotherapy side effects to what patients may expect from a cancer diagnosis,  types of cancers or information on new cancer drugs.

“Upon a recent cancer diagnosis, such as breast cancer, a patient is often in shock and might not be able to initially gather the information they need, or know what to ask,” says oncologist  of Oncology Associates.  “We want to provide both support and useful information to our patients diagnosed with cancer, but in way that’s helpful for them to better understand their situation and options when it’s convenient for them. We’re finding that video is an effective way for patients and their families to learn more about cancer.”

The cancer patient and survivor videos we produce are intended to be both informational and inspirational. Just as no two cancers are the same, no two patients have exactly the same way of going through their cancer diagnosis or their treatments. Some patients experience different chemotherapy side effects than others, or provide different perspectives on what helped them get through their journey with cancer.  Many of the patients and survivors in these videos share their stories, as well as helpful tips. In fact, most of the patients enjoy the experience of talking about their cancer, or retelling certain memories, as it helps them bring closure to their cancer, reflect upon meaningful events,  or inspires them to help others who may be going through cancer treatment now. It’s not uncommon for these patients and survivors to mention that their experience with cancer was life changing, positively, as they now have found a greater appreciation for life, their families and friends, or in the things they do.

Patients often prefer to hear from other patients, or from cancer survivors, who have walked down the same road and dealt with many of the same issues they may be experiencing, such as hair loss or staying active during cancer treatment.

Whether you gain helpful  information or inspiration from our videos, we hope you find them to be beneficial.

Some Cancer Topics

How to Get Through Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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