Breast cancer affects 1 in six women each year. While the chances of men getting this disease are much lower, men are still diagnosed with breast cancer year. In this male breast cancer survivor story, Rick Gough talks in-depth about his diagnosis with male breast cancer and his cancer treatment for it, which included a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In the video, Rick talks about some of the symptoms he had and how a routine visit to his dermatologist led to his breast cancer diagnosis. Rick talks about his surgery, which included the removal of his lymph nodes and how he had various chemotherapy side effects, which included bone pain, fatigue, hair loss and loss of appetite.

Throughout his journey with breast cancer, Rick says that he discovered a few things, such as not getting too caught up on the internet, especially cancer blogs, to read about male breast cancer, as this caused him more anxiety than good. He found that it was much more helpful to talk to people who had actually gone through breast cancer treatment, including a female friend of his who had the same type of cancer as he did.

Rick also says he learned quite a bit from his experience with breast cancer, as it helped him better appreciate his love ones, such as his wife and family and to better understand the frailty of life.

Even the odds of man getting breast cancer are quite low, Rick points out how important it is for men to be aware of the disease and to screen for the symptoms. His advice to other men is to not ignore the symptoms. “If you think you’ve got a problem and you ignore it, it’s not going to go away. It’s only going to get worse,” he points out, adding that a patient’s chances for surviving improve the sooner the cancer is discovered.

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