Shortly before one of his daughters was set to be married, Ron received a diagnosis that he had malignant prostrate cancer. “You never think that’s going to happen to you,” says Ron Bartunek when he learned about his cancer diagnosis. “I always was healthy in my life. I was always in good shape.”

Tests had detected a couple of tumors on Ron’s spine. While an operation was originally suggested to him, Ron had other plans. “My daughter’s getting married and I’m going to her wedding. And I’m going to dance with her,” Ron said. Instead of going through surgery, a less invasive option of radiation was suggested to him.

Ron went through both radiation and chemotherapy treatment. It wasn’t an easy road, and he sometimes wondered what his chances of recovery would be, but he found a lot of support through his friends, co-workers, his medical staff and his family. Through his journey, he learned the the power of staying positive. “You want to be better, you have to put that image in your mind,” Ron says. “Don’t ever give up,” he adds. “If there’s something you want to do, you can achieve it.”

Ron did make it to his daughter’s wedding, where he danced with her. And he’s still going strong.