Recent FDA approved cancer drug Empliciti (Elotuzumab) is showing promise as an immunotherapy treatment for multiple myeloma cancer. Empliciti is currently approved, with the combination of two other cancer drugs, to treat patients who have received one to three prior myeloma therapies.

Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that occurs within the plasma cells, which help the body fight infections. These are found in the bone marrow.

When plasma cells are healthy, they create antibodies that help alert the immune system to fight and kill various germs. But if these cells become cancerous they begin to push out healthy blood cells from the bone marrow, which weakens the immune system and can lead to various issues, such as anemia, bone damage and kidney problems.

In this new video, oncologist discusses how empliciti works to treat multiple myeloma, as well as what types of side effects this treatment, which is given intravenously, may cause.

As a cancer treatment for multiple myeloma, Empliciti is proving to be effective for improving progression free survival, helping to control the cancer and preventing it from becoming worse.

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